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If you have lots of zucchini at this time of the year, here is a pickling recipe to keep them crispy and tasty.

Cut the zucchini in half then half again and then slice thinly and place in a colander.
Pickle Zucchini Vinegar6   Sprinkle generously with salt.

This will draw out the moisture of the zucchini and start the preserving stage.

Don’t forget to put the colander on a draining sink or in bigger bowl to drain freely as the moisture collects. Make sure the zucchini are not sitting in the liquid.

Leave to drain over night.

Wash the salt off the zucchini the next day and put them in a bowl.

Completely cover with vinegar (I use white wine vinegar).

Pickle Zucchini Vinegar2

Place a cover on top for example a plate so that no crumbs fall in to it.

Allow to soak in the vinegar over night.

The next day throw the zucchini back into the colander and allow the vinegar to drain away.

Pickle Zucchini Vinegar3

Place a dish on top with a heavy weight so that they dry out completely.

Pickle Zucchini Vinegar4

The next day place the sliced and tasty zucchini into a bowl.
Sprinkle with oregano, crushed garlic, hot chilli (if desired) and a generous drizzle of beautiful extra virgin olive oil.
Mix well.
Place the dressed zucchini in jars with a bay leaf and top with more oil.

Enjoy them as part of an antipasto, in a salad or with cold meat and/or cheese platter.

Zucchini in a jar