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This creamy blend can be made with bits of what’s in the pantry or fridge – left overs from a party or BBQ.
If using barbecued capsicum/eggplant/zucchini – will add a lovely smokey flavour.
Some or all of these ingredients blended will make a delicious paste for many uses.

  • oven dried tomatoes*
  • olives*
  • preserved eggplant
  • preserved artichokes
  • grilled capsicum/eggplant/zucchini
  • herbs (fresh basil or oregano etc)
  • garlic *depends on tomatoes/olives etc

Use a beautiful extra virgin olive oil and blend individually for a smooth paste, then gently blend it all together.

Top with extra virgin olive oil and store in the fridge.  Use it:

  • in pasta salad
  • spread on toast and topped with a mild cheese
  • spread on pizza base and topped with your favourite cheese
  • dollop with cauliflower 
  • dollop on steak
  • dollop on chicken Parmigiana