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Tapas for you and five friends

If you have a special occasion, or just want to do something different as well as learn and try a new way of cooking, why not get a few friends together and make tapas.

We can start by going shopping in the Mediterranean areas of Geelong for food then make delicious little morsels to serve with drinks or just to have something different in school lunches.

Your group can be any of the following:

  • Your everyday family
  • Your “other” family
  • Your ** friends
  • Your bridal party
  • Your other party

** substitute your own word eg crazy, best etc

After shopping we can go to your place, a friends place or we may use one of the community kitchens eg SpringDale in Drysdale.
Just send me an iMessage on 0407 687 971 to organise a date for the six of you and I’ll be there.
My address is ag @

Variety of dates available.


Amore Cucina guide Agata Commisso and class participants shopping for wine

Shopping for wine with my class